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Vegan 'tuna' sushi rolls (two recipes in one)

This recipe was inspired by Tabitha Brown who has an instagram account where she shares her easy to make vegan recipes and ideas. In one video she talks about using carrot to make a mock spicy tuna for sushi. When I saw her talking about this I had to try the recipe and make it my own. My favourite thing about this recipe is that it uses waste! I have a juicing machine and usually the pulp goes in the food bin, but in this recipe it's used as the main ingredient. This means you get two recipes for the price of one! However, be aware that this recipe makes quite a lot of juice and sushi so if you're only making it for yourself, halve the amount.

* For these recipes you will need access to a juicer and a sushi mat.

Carrot Juice

800 grams of carrots

4 pink lady apples

A thumb size piece of ginger

Spicy 'Tuna' Sushi


300 grama of carrot pulp

250 grams of sushi rice

2 dessert spoons of sriacha

4 dessert spoons of vegenaise

4 crushed up sheets of the wasabi flavoured nori from Itsu

1 dessert spoon vegan worcester sauce

2 dessert spoons of rice vinegar

8 sheets of nori (potentially more)


1. Wash your sushi rice and then to cook, add 350ml of water to a pan with the rice. Let it boil and then leave it to simmer for 10 minutes.

2. To make the tuna mix your carrot pulp in with the vegenaise, sriacha, worchester sauce and wasabi sheets. You may want to crush the nori sheets using a pestle and mortar.

3. Once the rice is finished cooking add in the rice vinegar, stir, then leave for twenty minutes.

4. Once the rice has cooled down lay your nori sheets out on your rolling board and add a thin layer of rice, making sure you leave an inch or two on either side. After that spread a layer of the carrot/'tuna' mix on top. I would then recommend following a tutorial on youtube where you can properly see how to roll your sushi. (I am nowhere near qualified enough to explain how to roll sushi).

This was the finished result for me. I used a serated knife to cut the sushi roll and it didn't look the best but it tasted really good.