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Vegan dining In Sydney

A metropolis of great vegan food.

Sydney is a city composed of multiple suburbs. The suburbs in the city centre are infamous for various reasons. Whilst Bondi is known for its beach and Darlinghurst as an LGBTQ hub, other forms of culture expresses itself in the form of vegan delights and fancies. There are so many brilliant vegan options in Sydney, so as to not bore you, I shall be describing all of these restaurants/cafes in the three words that best depicts them.

Wherever you decide to go, vegan dining in Sydney is an experience that you won't forget.

Sydney’s best suburbs for vegan sustenance

All of the restaurants and cafes that I'm going to list via suburbs are 100% vegan.

Surry Hills

Yulli’s - Fine Dining, Craft Beer, Atmospheric

Yulli's is the sort of restaurant you'd go to on a first date. Not only does it have an extensive wine and craft beer menu, they also have an amazing fusion inspired dinner menu that encourages a tapas-like sharing experience. The menu is made up of small, medium and large plates all plentiful with flavours. The other great aspect of the restaurant is the ambience. The lighting is dimmed and the seating, lowered. All in all, it has a very romantic feel and this tied in with the amazing food, makes for a great dining experience.

Nutie Wholefoods - Cafe, Healthy, Coffee

You'll come for the baked doughnuts and stay for the coffee. Nutie's Wholefoods is a bright and vibrant cafe which is great for our gluten-free friends as well as us vegans. Though sweet and decadent, this cafe also has savoury delights, like a breakfast plate and mushroom benedict. Come to Nuties if you want a sweet treat to get you through the day.


Kindness Cafe Vegan Thai - Curry, Fresh, Well balanced

Kindness Cafe Vegan Thai is flavour experience to the max. At this restaurant you won't be able to find any fake meat, however, this doesn't mean that taste is compromised on. This place uses fresh, unprocessed ingredients and their menu features soups, stir fry's, noodles and curries.


Golden Lotus Vegan - Vietnamese, Fresh, Quality

If you love fresh, tasty Vietnamese soups and summer rolls then this is the place for you. Golden Lotus Vegan is a more casual dining experience. The menu is astonishing as they have 'chicken' and 'fish' substitutes in their menu. Don't worry if vegan meat isn't your thing as they also have a tofu, soup and noodle section too.

Lentil as Anything - Fusion, Community, Good service

Imagine a vegan restaurant that's run by the community and voluntary payments. This is how Lentil as Anything works. The menu changes constantly, depending on what produce they can get their hands on. When I went there they seemed to have Indian inspired dishes like curries and mango lassi, but they also have home comfort dishes like lentil bolognese. All in all, the restaurant has quick service and an amazing atmosphere. The tables are long so it's a very sociable dining experience.

Vegan Fried Chick’n - Fast Food, Unhealthy, Delicious

If you fancy fast food instead of a fancy restaurant, then vegan fried chick'n is one of your best options. The fake chicken is thick and tasty and the batter is amazingly seasoned and very crispy. Not only do they have burgers and wraps but loaded fries and a variety of drinks. Take your non vegan friends here and they'll be impressed by just how delicious these fake chicken burgers are.


Green Gourmet Vegan St Leonard's - Cakes, Dumplings, Healthy

Cakes and dumplings! An usual combination but Green Gourmet is famous for both. Their vegan bakery is filled with beautiful and colourful cakes that include quite a lot of gluten free options. If you want a dining experience, they also have an extensive Chinese inspired menu. They have all of the 'normal' menu items like 'BBQ pork buns' and 'duck', just made vegan.

Funky Pies - Australian cuisine, Environmentally friendly, Comfort food

Sometimes all you want is comfort food and when you get that craving the best place to go to is Funky Pies. There's nothing better then pie mash and gravy and this is what Funky Pies is all about. They describe their pies as 'eco junky food' and I think that's the best way to describe them too. This place has gluten free options and sweet pies as well as savoury ones. Once again, a great place to go if you want a casual place to eat.

Fast food chains with vegan options

Betty's Burgers

Betty’s Burgers offers up one vegan burger. The burger is made of a rice patty, sriracha mayo, lettuce and tomato and it’s absolutely delicious! The only thing to note is that it is very messy!

Lord of the Fries

Lord of the Fries is an all-vegan fast-food chain. That’s right all-vegan! They have an extensive range of vegan food including a vegan chicken parmie burger. Their food is greasy and unhealthy and absolutely delicious. A perfect option for a hangover or when you can’t be bothered to make food or have enough money to dine out. Lord of the Fries is a chain restaurant that has restaurants situated all over Australia, so if you’re visiting other cities, keep this in mind.

Guzman y Gomez

Guzman y Gomez is a Mexican chain where you can make your own burritos, tacos, nachos or salad bowls. They now have vegan spicy chicken, vegan spicy chipotle sauce and vegan cheese. The days of eating a plain bean burrito is long gone if you decide to come here.


Grill’d is a healthier but still yummy option for food. They mainly do burgers and their vegan options include the moving mountains burger patty and a veggie patty. There’s also three different types of chips that you can order.

What food does Sydney do best? What should I try?


There is a plethora of Thai restaurants in Sydney and a lot of them have vegan options. Some of these options include; 'Golden Lotus', 'Thai Pothong', 'Bangkok Bites' and 'The Newtown Thai Kitchen'.


Sydney is great at doing junk food. The city boasts independent and chain restaurants that fulfil the desire for a good burger. As well as 'Lord of the Fries' and 'Vegan Fried Chick'n' there are quite a lot of restaurants that have great vegan burgers. Such places include; 'The Hold', 'Crisp', 'Soul Burger' and 'The Green Lion'.

Ice Cream

Sydney has some amazing ice cream shops and luckily for us vegans they have vegan ice cream too. The best vegan ice cream by far is a 100% vegan ice cream store located in Newtown called Gelato Blue. Not only do they have loads and loads of different flavours including; honeycomb, peanut butter and dulce de leche, they also have ice cream sundaes, milkshakes and affogato.